Gallery 238 | Amsterdam

40 year Gallery238

In 2024, Gallery238 celebrates its 40th anniversary! Quite an achievement for a gallery that managed to survive first the financial and then the corona crisis. The gallery has no less than 160 m2 of exhibition space with a real VIP area. The gallery is on permanent display of paintings by the same artists that started in 2006. In the meantime, these artists have become successful at home and abroad.

In mid-1984, Paul & Gerda van Schilfgaarde started 'Galerie Brouwersgracht 238' in the monumental canal house on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. In the following years, the gallery developed as an exhibition space for many artists. In 2005, the gallery was taken over by Paul and Jeannette Lohmann, who in 1996, based on their love for art, started a rental and leasing company (LoCo-Art V.o.F.) of art to mainly institutions and companies.

After the takeover, the name was changed to 'Gallery238'. The art on offer also changed: from mainly screen prints and etchings, Gallery238 started to focus on paintings by artists who had known Paul and Jeannette Lohmann well for years privately. Among them are well-known names such as Lita Cabellut, Zhuang Hong Yi, Lu Luo, Kantcho Kanev, Svetlana Tartakovska, Rien Bekkers and Chris Overbeeke. Gallery238 also provided guidance and/or management for various artists.

International role
By maintaining good contacts with various galleries in Germany, Belgium and Spain, the work of our 'own' artists could also be shown in galleries abroad. As a result, Gallery238 acquired an increasingly important role at home and abroad, also partly due to the active advertising policy and through the various art books that Gallery238 published, as well as art films by Lita Cabellut (Beauty above all, 2017), Zhuang Hong Yi and Svetlana, among others. Tartakovska (Stories in my head, 2023) which was commissioned.

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