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Zhuang Hong Yi

The Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi was born in 1962 in the province of Sichuan. In 1992 he left China with his familie to live in Groningen, the Netherlands. Later he moved to Amsterdam and The Hague. Zhuang Hong Yi is regarded as one of China’s most influential artists. It is the combination of his Chinese background and his European influences that mark the uniqueness of Zhuang’s work. Embracing the present without losing his past. In 2006 Zhuang Hong Yi became world famous because of his Flowers-series.

This piece was made in 2006. In that period the Flower-pieces were a protest against de economic rise of China and their attitude against the protection of the environment. The surface of the earth, the snow but then the pollution (black soot). Finally the lotus flower as a sign of uprising.


Jaar: 2006

Formaat: 40 x 30 cm

Techniek: Mied media on canvas

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